Tuesdays with Morrie



1. What would earn you extra credit in one of Morrie's classes?
2. When was Morrie diagnosed with ALS?

3. What instrument does Mitch play?

4. What TV show did Ted Koplin host?

5. What tree is in Morrie's yard?

6. What is Mitch's nickname for Morrie?

7. What court trial was going on throughout the story?

8. What does Morrie consider the most important thing in life to learn?

9. What was the market called that Mitch bought food from?

10. What were some of the items of Mitch's list to discuss with Morrie?

11. What pain still goes on in Morrie's life seventy years later?

12. What does everyone call Morrie's father?

13. What does Mitch say about Morrie's religion?

14. What does Mitch's older brother look like?

15. What takes Mitch by surprise about Morrie on the Sixth Tuesday?

16. What animal does Morrie say he would choose to reincarnate into?

17. Where did Morrie receive his Ph.D?

18. How has Morrie "lost his battle"?

19. What does Morrie say about finding a meaningful life?

20. What does Morrie decide he wants on his tombstone?

21. What does Mitch's wife, Janine, do for Morrie during her visit?

22. What is Morrie doing when everyone is watching the big O. J. Simpson trial?

23.What did Morrie say when Mitch said it was the first time Morrie admitted to talking to God?

24.When Morrie and Mitch were saying good-bye, what did Mitch do that Morrie had wished he'd do the whole time they had known each other?

25.What does Morrie want Mitch to do on Tuesdays once he's dead?

26.What is a big symbol of the book that is often compared to Morrie's body?

27.On what day of the week was Morrie's funeral?


1. Giving Morrie a kiss good-bye would earn you extra credit (1).

2. Morrie was diagnosed in the summer of 1994 (5).

3. Mitch plays the piano (14).

4. Ted Koplin was the host of ABC-TV's Nightline (18).

5. A huge Japanese maple tree sits in Morrie's front yard (26).

6. Mitch refers to Morrie as Coach (35).

7. The O.J. Simpson case (42)

8."The most important thing in life is to learn how to give out love, and to let it come in" (52).

9. The market was called Bread and Circus (55).

10. They were death, fear, aging, greed, marriage, family, society, forgiveness, and a meaningful life (66).

11. His mother's death (72)

12. Charlie (74)

13. That he borrows freely from all religions (81)

14. Blond-haired, hazel-eyes (95)

15. He hadn't eaten any of the food Mitch brought him last time (101).

16. A gazelle (108)

17. University of Chicago (109)

18. On the seventh Tuesday, someone was now wiping his behind (115).

19. "Devote yourself to loving others, devote yourself to your community around you, and devote yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning" (127).

20. A Teacher to the Last (134)

21. Sing to him (146-147)

22. Going to the bathroom(158)

23.Do I get to be one of the angels (163)?

24.See/make Mitch cry(186)

25. Visit and talk to his grave about this problems (170)

26.The pink hibiscus plant (173)

27. Tuesday (188)